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Web designers, please stop punching your users in the face

posted by Ayush Newatia on October 20th, 2020
Modern web design has many flaws; however it's truly mind boggling how many websites are positively user hostile with subscription popups.

It happens way too often; I load a web page or I'm scrolling down one and I get a punch in a face with a modal that says "SUBSCRIBE TO ME! I DEMAND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!". I have literally no idea how or why this technique even works (assuming it does work); especially when the copy is passive aggressive. All it makes me want to do is close the window.

Why a developer or designer would want to completely break their reader's flow by taking over the entire screen with a self indulgent modal is beyond me. Your user experience is more important than your conversion rate. Think about your users and stop doing things "just because everyone else is doing them".

Don't do this to your users; they deserve better

For the last couple of weeks, I've been screenshotting websites that punched me with a subscription modal. Just in the course of my regular web browsing, I've managed to find 13 examples. I'm calling them all out below. Developers and designers that run the following websites, I scowl upon you angrily. And no, I will not give you my email address.

Respect your users; put the subscription box in a prominent location that doesn't impede the primary purpose of your page.

The wall of shame (EDIT: After I posted this, Jonas Schmedtmann promised he'll remove this from his new website. 👏) (EDIT: Kudos to Vito Botta for removing this popup after I published this!)

If you made it all the way down here, well done! And as you've probably noticed, you haven't been punched with a subscription modal.

Chapter24 is the easiest way to start a blog; and it'll never punch anyone. I solemnly swear never to build non-user triggered popups into the product, ever. Our subscription box is conveniently located at the bottom of every blog post; where it will always remain. 

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